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When it comes to Italian food, I normally save my visits for San Francisco. I dont know why but thats just how it is. For the last 2-3 months, my coworkers Adam and Mike have been saying that Il Postale in Sunnyvale was the Italian place to try. Coming off the Labor day holiday, we needed to start off strong for the week.

There's plenty of parking across the street in the shopping mall. I dont think they mind as that shopping center is practially dying. We head across the street and stroll right in. Lunch traffic was light but that changed about 40 minutes into the meal. Service was on the ball and we were immediately greeted and seated. Water followed afterwards and another 3-5 minutes we were ordering and had bread on the table. So far so good...just waiting around, your eyes start wondering and notice, hey this place is nice. Il Postale makes a excellent choice for a business lunch/dinner or casual date. I didnt get a chance to see the outdoor patio but Im sure thats just as nice.

While sipping my Peroni, I must have gotten to the halfway mark and my seafood pasta was ready. It was cappelini with rock shrimp, scallops, creamy tomato sauce and other goodies. They had 2 large shrimps and 2 big scallops mixed in with cut up shrimps. Seafood was cooked just over the point of raw intensifying the ocean flavor. Im not sure why I put parmesan over my pasta without even trying it, still enjoyable but I think its cheese overkill. Sauce slighlty spicy and rich, watch your arteries...haha, good stuff. Only complaint is the Capellini, it was a bit on the soft side...yeah I know its a small guage pasta but cmon, I like my pasta firm...with a bite to it. I wont knock them too much everything else was outstanding.

It looks like I'll have to make a detour from San Francisco to Sunnyvale to enjoy my Italian meals at Il Postale. My lunch plate was about $20 with beer but dont let the price scare you. I had seafood and alcohol, you can get lunch specials for under $10 and still enjoy the service, atmosphere, and more importantly....THE FOOD. Enjoy

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